Sinitor offers data collection services and survey methods at the cutting edge of customer base development and positioning for large corporations as well as organisations. It is pivotal that the client’s customer database is up-to-date, and that the client is aware of the key elements of their business. Sinitor has very experienced consultants who have been leading the development of marketing databases, segmentations, market strategies, and implementations.

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Brand Score Card
(Brand Tracking)

A semi-standardized trademark tracking based on
emotional valuations of a range of parameters
that together give a comprehensive view of the
situation. SINIbrand will also show which tools
ought to be used to develop or re-position the
brand name.

In cooperation with the client, the standard
platform is customized to yield a cost-efficient
operational version.

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Customer Feedback
(Customer Relationship)

One-on-one communication – but with many at
the same time. The purpose is primarily to
build a relation between individuals and the
brand name and thereby strengthening your
business. A secondary benefit is the data
collection that may be used in general

The greatest difference from traditional data
collection is that the respondent is not
anonymous, but is invited to engage in a
structured dialogue. Custom software and a
focus on the customer’s situation at different
stages makes this highly effective method

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Customer Experience Evaluation Platform
(Customer Experience)

Very seldom does logical reasoning affect our
behaviour. More than 70 percent (some re-
searchers say 95%) of our decisions are made
based on emotions. By measuring the customer’s
experience we can provide a clear and useful
picture of reality.

Measuring emotions must be done within a
short time of the actual experience. Events
and other triggers will decide who is to be
interviewed, and which questions are asked.
The results will give guidance for decisions
on operational as well as strategic levels.

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Target group and questions are the same over
time and the results are analysed primarily
as changes with time, with varying frequencies
of polling.

Usually we analyse trademark recognition and
attitudes, as well as the impact of different
types of campaigns Our methods are time-tested
and our considerable experience makes us very
competitive in this classic niche.

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Employee Survey

”As I lead my organisation, do the employees
” We offer a simple and well tested
standardized method for analyzing opportunities
and threats in the working place climate of an

This concept encompasses advice on how
enthusiasm and expectations are built inside
the organization, how the invitation to the
survey is done and distributed, which questions
are asked in the questionnaire and why, secure
anonymity for the respondents, clear and rele-
vant result reporting, and documentation guiding
you on how to interpret the workplace climate
and how a no-frills approach to the post-survey
work will make the difference.

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Sinitor Omnibus Survey

A high quality omnibus for anyone who wants
a simple way of asking a limited number of
questions to the Swedish general public.
The Omnibus is cost-efficient since several
clients share the fixed costs, e.g. selection
of interviewees and production costs.

The Omnibus is running continuously and as
a client you decide when to get on the bus
and when to leave, whenever it is convenient
in time or when enough results have been

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Satisfied Customer Index (SCI) measures
how satisfied the customers are with the
company they are doing business with.

Surveys of customer satisfaction are conducted
in virtually every line of business. On behalf
of numerous clients, Sinitor annually conducts
numerous such surveys.

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Our project managers are very experienced,
They work closely with the client on anything
from simple ad-hoc surveys or tracking, to
multi-method, multi-market surveys employing
multiple modes of data collection, and from
the inital contact to the final delivery of
results and follow-up.

A personal contact, together with our client
portal, gives you full insight into all your
projects at all times.

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To ask the right questions, in the right
sequence and in the right way are important
elements in securing data collection quality.

Sinitor’s collected knowledge in this area
is extensive and we will assist every client
in questionnaire development and quality
control. The one asking the question, the
respondent who answers and the one inter-
preting the result must, to secure result
validity, understand the question in the
same way.

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We often conduct interviews in languages other than Swedish – both with the general public and with representatives of different companies. We employ many multi-lingual interviewers. Contact us for more information on which languages we can offer.

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Through the years, Sinitor has on several occasions in a consultatory role lent its expertise to the development of projects with several clients. Projects range from developing the workplace climate to market segmentations and customer care, and anything in between.

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